Auto Detailing Service

Auto detailing is another important service we offer. We can provide you with quite a few different services in this area to help your vehicle look incredible. We offer a simple interior vacuum and exterior wash to a complete interior shampoo and exterior reconditioning.

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Green Painting Technology

We have been environment friendly for several years. We use PPG products, waterborne painting system and a computerized paint matching system with top quality line of products. All paint and body work comes with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.

The car painting process can be difficult enough on its own. To minimize the risk of dust and other concerns with a fresh paint job, we bake the finish on your vehicle. This helps us to ensure you have the best shine and there are not some common problems that can occur with the final stage of painting your vehicle.

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Car Rental & Tow Assistance

Being without a vehicle isn’t an option for most people so for our customer’s convenience we are also a Hertz rental car location. We will assist you with rental coverage on all insurance claims. We may even be able to help you negotiate a better out of pocket deal on a car rental, if your insurance provider doesn’t cover the costs.

We also offer professional towing services to bring your vehicle in from any part of our service area. That way, we have it on hand, so we can begin the repair process. In most cases towing services are paid through collision coverage eliminating any out of pocket expense. We can also handle this process with your insurance company.

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Full Claims Assistance With All Insurance Companies

When you are in an accident, you’ll need help working with the different insurance companies that are involved. With many different insurance providers, it is unlikely that the other party in an accident will have the same insurance provider. At Precision Auto Rebuilders, we’ll help you through that entire insurance claims process. Our team of professionals will work closely with the insurance companies to ensure that the work we do will be covered with them.

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Precise Repairs

We’ll review the original factory alignment specs prior to starting the process. That will allow us to ensure that your vehicle is accurately restored so you can safely drive it on the road. This process will take some time to complete. During this entire process, we only use quality materials to help preserve the longevity of your vehicle.

Our technicians are I-CAR certified which means we use the best replacement parts and the latest equipment to not just fix but restore your vehicle to its pre accident condition. We also use a state of the art Maxima body alignment system. Our technicians can restore your vehicles frame to its precise specifications. This is an industry where “close” just isn’t good enough. So when the difference between a correct repair and a problem might only be millimeters, doesn’t it make sense to do business with an experienced professional?

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We can handle everything from minor dents and scratches on your vehicle to extensive body and frame repairs.

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